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Wedding Day Timeline

Bride Prep 

Included in the Silver, gold and Platinum package. 

For most weddings we like to arrive as soon as the action starts so we don't miss a moment of your prep. We capture your transformation into a beautiful blushing bride starting with hair and makeup, capping it off with the dress and any final touches you have. 

If you and the groom have written letters to one another we take the bride to a quiet room and capture her reaction to opening the letter and reading the words out loud.

We know you picked your bridesmaids because they are special to you and that's why we we ensure to capture shots of them throughout the morning enjoying your day as well. We do our best to capture every special moment and interaction throughout the morning. Whether its a ceers with your girls or your mom watching you with pride in her eyes, we do our best to capture each moment without intruding or interfering with the moment. 

For the extra special moments we work with you to ensure that we are ready to capture those moments.


These moments could include anything from but not limited to:

•.You in your dress for the first time  • father of the bride first look 

• Mother of the bride or maid of honour helping you do up the final buttons on the dress

• Dress, Veil, garter & any other jewelry.  • Bride & groom first look

Bride Prep

Groom Prep 

Included in the Silver, gold and Platinum package. 

Usually there is way more going on at the bride prep location, but that doesn't mean that we forget about the groom. We send our send second shooter to meet up with the guys at their prep location to capture them getting ready.  If the bride prep schedule allows we prefer to send both shooters to the groom location, allowing for double coverage of the groom prep. 


Since the groom prep takes much less time than the bride, our shooters will walk the groom through getting dressed one detail at a time. This ensures we capture enough of the groom to even up with the bride footage. By have 2 shooters it also gives us some ability to cut an interesting sequence together of the groom getting ready.  The two shooters will also work with the groomsmen to get some candid shots of them getting ready as well. 

After our shooters have what they need they will either separate, one returning to the bride or both going, depending on what is needed to be capture at each location. 

We prefer that our videographers work in pairs, allowing for multiple angles of the special moments, but we are flexible depending on the wedding. 

Groom Prep

The Details

Included with All packages (Details vary depending on package)

The details are the little things that make your wedding day yours. That is why we make sure to capture them to include in the wedding video. 

Depending on locations, one of our two videographers will quickly Travel to the ceremony and/or reception locations to capture a wide variety of shots to full encapsulated your Day. 

We use cinematic shooting technique to really enhance the details to make your wedding video remarkable and unforgettable. 


Your wedding day is more than just about the people. Your decorations, venue and other small details are as much apart of the day as the rest. At one point of the day preferably when its empty, our team will capture all the details at your wedding locations. 

The Details

The Ceremony

Included in All packages

Our team will sneak ahead of the bridal party to ensure we are ready to go come the start of the wedding ceremony.


To avoid detracting from any of the hard work you have done to make your day magical we do our best to place our cameras and team in locations that will provide us with angles that work for our needs but do not block the sightlines of your guests. We use wireless microphones placed at strategic locations to ensure we capture all the important moments. Although the locations vary at every venue/wedding ceremony type we always place a wireless microphone on the groom to ensure we are right in the action. Depending on the officiant we try to place a microphone on them as well. If we cannot get a microphone on the officiant we then try to hook into the PA system or at the least place microphones in locations that will capture clean audio for our purposes.


For the ceremony we use as many cameras as we have on hand to capture a wide variety of angles. The ceremony is the most challenging part of the day to capture, so we want to make sure we have as many angles as possible. During the ceremony we use a variety of zoom lenses to ensure that we can capture all the moments without interfering in the moment. We have experience shooting all kinds of wedding styles so we are ready to capture what ever kind you plan on having.


What you get: 
In the highlight video you see short highlights from the ceremony, We do our best to use shots from each important moment of the the ceremony. IE. Vows, rings, kisses. We may also use your vows as the driving audio for the highlight video.


In the full length video you will see the full ceremony from begining to end. We chose the best angle for each moment as the ceremony progresses. To save time in the overall video we may chose to trim the signing of the registry once we have shown everyone signing it once unless something significant happens that we would want to share. 

The Ceremony
The Photo Shoot

The Photoshoot

Included in  the Silver, gold and Platinum package. 

Our team joins up with your bridal party as you embark on your photo shoot. No location is off limits and we love capturing the intimate moments between the bride and groom. For the most part we let the photographer take the lead but if we feel we need something special we will give you direction. 

We also don't forget about the rest of your wedding party. We make sure to include some of those special moments as they unfold during the photo shoot. On occasion we will pop in and ask you to re-do a pose or a kiss, we only do this when we need to make sure we capture the moment. 

Near the end of the shoot we would like some 1 on 1 time with bride and groom (And the photographer) to capture some special moments of just the two of you. We prefer if most of the wedding party departs ( a couple can stick around to assist), because as much fun as they are we want these moments to be just the two of you. 

We can shoot pretty much anywhere but to help with our cinematic style we love locations that have depth. By this we mean locations that have stuff all around you. For photographs you mostly think of just a nice backdrop, but to get truly breath taking footage we love to use both stunning foreground and background elements to help fill our frame. 

We prefer locations that have natural light and ideally would the photos later in the afternoon if the schedule permits. 

What you get:

Either version of the video (Highlight or full length) you get the best shots from this part of your day in shorter clips. 

In the full length they are used to transition between the ceremony and the reception

The Reception

Included in the Silver, gold and Platinum package. 

The final part of you day is no less important than any other part, that is why we treat it with as much care as the rest.

Similar to the ceremony we sneak ahead of your group and capture footage of the venue. We also prep our gear so we are ready for your grand entrance at the reception.


Once you have entered we reposition our gear for the speeches. Like with the ceremony we chose strategic locations to set up our micro­phones. If the DJ permits it, we hook into the main PA system. We also place a mic on the podium or as close to where the speeches will occur to capture the best audio possible for the speeches.


We use a minimum of 3 cameras to capture the speeches from a variety of angles. We do our best to place the cameras in locations that do not block sightlines. You may see our camera people use chairs, this is to also limit them block the sightlines of your guests. One camera person may also be roaming during the speeches to capture reactions from around the room.


Right after the speeches we ask for a brief pause before you jump into the dances. This will give your guests a brief break but also allow us time to switch our gear around and prep for the dances. We only need 5-10 minutes max, but this little bit of time makes a world of differ­ence in what and how we are able to capture the dances. We capture the dances in their entirety from 2-3 angles. One of our camera people will be shooting with stabilized gimbal which will allow for them to move with you smoothly around the dance floor.

After the dances we stick around to capture the some the party and any wedding games or traditions you may have. If you are planning something special please let us know in advance so we are ready to capture it all. 


What you get: 
In the highlight video you see short snippets of the dances, 2-5 shots from each dance. The best of the best. We use parts of the speeches in combination with your vows to help drive the highlight video. if you do other wedding traditions we include them in a shorter form in the high­light video. We end the video with short clips of the party that ends your night.


In the full length video you will see dances from begining to end. We also bring in the original songs and mix them into the video to ensure clean audio. You get your full speeches and any other traditions, as much of a full viewing of it as the footage allows. Like with the highlight video we end with the party scene shots. 

The Reception
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