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About our company

From promotional videos to weddings to live streaming, Blank Productions is your one stop shop when it comes to all things   video in Northwestern Ontario.


Founded in 2012 by owner Trevor Gauthier, Blank Productions has continually pushed the bar to offer the best video services in Dryden and the rest of sunset country. When decided upon a name for our company, we didn't want to fit into just one niche hence, the blank of Blank Productions. We wanted our clients to fill in that blank for us. Which is exactly what we have been doing for almost 10 years. Our projects have included corporate promotional content, training products, grand openings, sports highlight videos, wedding videos and much more. We are also fully set up to provide live streaming services, & Aerial Photography & Videography. Our company also provides a photo booth for rental and web design services. 

Our team reviews each project and determines what is the best gear to guarantee the best results for your needs.  We have 4K cameras, professional microphones, lights and tons of extra goodies to make your project look as good as possible. 

Our Team


Camera Cirlce.png

From full time team members to skilled freelancers. We will tailor build our team to meet the the needs of your unique project.

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Our Team


Trevor Gauthier

Owner/Ediitor/Lead Videographer

Trevor started Blank Productions in 2012 because he loved video production. Since its Launch Trevor has done over 100 projects for a wide variety of clients. Trevor will be your main contact within Blank Productions and wants to ensure that you have the best possible experience working with Blank Productions. 

Our Freelancers


Kirk Gauthier

Freelance Shooter | Weddings, Live Streams & Events | Photo Booth Attendent

Kirk is one of our main freelance shooters. He has been shooting with our team since 2016. Kirk is also very experienced working in the IT field and is our go-to guy when we plan those extra complex livestreams. 


Joe Bobay

Freelance Shooter | Weddings

Joe joined our team as a volunteer in 2017 and we liked his work so much we decided to add him to our freelance team. He is currenlty attending post secondary school to be a music producer, but joins our team each summer to help with our wedding videos. 


Derek Shroeder

Freelance Shooter |
Weddings, Live Streams & Events

Derek attended post secondary education in film production. He has experience working on film sets and working backstage for several theatre companies in Winnipeg. Derek has been working for Blank Productions since his return to Dryden.


Jordan Sweintek

Freelance Shooter | Weddings

Jordan doesn't do much shooting for us anymore but does join us once and a while for the occasional wedding. We mention Jordan because were are proud of where he has gone since freelancing for us. Jordan is now working with the youtuber Sam Kolder, who has over 1.4 million subscribers on youtube.

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