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Instagram Teaser 

Included in the gold and Platinum package. 

This video is essentially a super condensed version of the wedding trailer. we take a few of the best shots that do the best to give the wow factor of the day without revealing too much. We actually try to avoid showing the bride and groom in the instagram trailer because we want people who see the teaser to be compelled to watch the trailer via facebook.


Instagram limits video length and we found that the 1 minute limit was too short for the trailer, so we decided on a less than 30 second tease was the perfect way to drive people to your facebook trailer. 

The teasers are branded with our logo because that is our way of "paying" for the videos creation since we are giving them to you for free. 

The videos on the left are some sample trailers. 


Bonus Wedding Trailer

Included in the gold and Platinum package. 

We take all of our favourite moments, the best of the best,  from your day and create a short trailer celebrating your day. 

We try to include your vows or the best speeches from your reception. every trailer is different but we still try to include moments from all parts of the day. 


As for the music, we try to sneak around the rules by using an instrumental cover of one of the songs you provided for the Highlight/full length videos. By using a cover song, most are not caught by the facebook police and we can still use a song that has meaning to you as a couple. If we cannot find a high enough quality cover that won't be flagged, we have access to an unlimited library of royalty free wedding music we can use instead. 

The cost of creating this video is waved as our way of saying thank you for booking our larger packages. We do however brand the ending of the trailer and teasers with our logos, we do not brand your other wedding videos. Only the ones we create for free.  

We try to keep the trailers under 1:30 seconds.