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  • How far in advance should we hire your comapany

    The more lead-in time the better, it will allow for more prep time in lead up to the event. This will allow for us to create better looking graphics and create a more professional looking stream that incorporates your brand. 

    Also with more lead up time we can guarantee better coverage of your events. Blank Productions is a small company which only has 1 full time employee and the rest of our team are freelancers employees. Which means we need to contact them and have them book time off their regular jobs prior to your event. Less lead up time means less likely hood of adding additional team members. 

    Decide on us last minute? We will do our best in the lead up time available to create the best graphics possible. With a short lead in time we cannot guarantee the availability of additional team members so we can only guarantee the budget package

  • How will my event be streamed?

    That depends entirely on you. We have a multitude of options to meet your audience in the best way for you. Free streams can be hosted via, facebook, youtube or your website.  We will discuss the benefits of each site with you at time of booking. 

    Your stream can be password protected or it can even be hidden behind a paywall. What is a paywall? 

  • What is a paywall?

    A paywall is a way for us to charge people to gain access to your stream. We have a variety of options for paywalls via 3rd party provider, each of which have their own pros and cons depending on the type of stream you plan. Contact us for more information on what works best for you.  

    The paywall service allows for you to control access and recoup some of the costs associated with hiring us/running the stream.


    It also allows for events that charge an admision to attend in person to offer a paid livestream to those who cannot attend.  

  • What do we need on location for a live stream?

    You don't need much for our team to run a live stream. We just need space to set up our two tables access to the location in advance of the event to get set up for the stream.

    We need access to 110V power, preferably not from a secure source (not a generator). We also prefer to be on our own circuit if possible if there is a band or DJ performing to avoid a circuit overload. If we loose power during and it could take us 5-10 minutes to get back online. 

    If the event is being hosting away from hardwired power we will have to add an additional charge from bringing our own powersource. We have a low noise generator (inverter) that we would bring to power our gear. 

    If the event is hosted outdoors or under a tent please let us know in advance so we can have a plan in place to protect our gear from the elements. 

    If possible our team will do an advanced scout to determine the best plan of attack for your event. 

    For our internet needs please check the next FAQ


    In an ideal word we would like to have access to a dedicated wired internet connection, away from any public or busy wifi networks. However we can run from a wifi network if required. If no internet is available at your location we can "hotspot" via a mobile phone or rocket hub at an *additional charge. 

    We prefer dedicated, uncrowded connections to ensure that we are hopefully upstreaming without having to worry about other users using up bandwidth and speed. 

    If we are forced to use a public network, we will most likely have to stream at a lower quality incase network congestion slows us down. Event guests uploading photos/videos to facebook, instagram ect.  Can be using up bandwidth.

    If possible we will come to your location in advance to check your internet and ensure that it runs smoothly. 


    The internet speed # that we actually need to know is your UPLOAD speed. A fast download speed is nice for us to monitor your stream, but what we are doing is UPLOADING your event to the internet. 

    The numbers below are the minimums required to stream, we prefer to be atleast double the minimum to ensure a smooth and quality looking stream. Our goal is to stream at the highest possible bitrate (mbs) to get the highest quality end product for your viewers.

    Our minimum requirements are as followings:

    720p | 2.5-6mbs


    1080p 30fps | 3-6mbs per second


    1080p 60fps | 4.5-9mbs per second

    4k | We currently do not have the capabilities to stream in 4k.

    Check your internet speed here. 

  • 720p? 1080p? 4k?

    A couple of things factor in when deciding on the output quality.


    The first is the platform, depending on where you need the event to be stream can determine what quality we can send up. Facebook live is limited to 720p, YouTube can stream up to 4k. Other sites we use have different rules, so we can discuss this in more detail once you book us for your event. 

    The next is internet speeds. We will send out the highest quality streamed based on what we have a availible for internet speed. 


      The next deciding factor is where will it be consumed. Majority of your users will consume the event via laptop, computer screen or via a mobile device which means most will be viewing it on somethng that has a max resolution of 1080p and isn't large enough to see the increased quality of 4k. 

    The final factor is how many cameras you need to cover the event. One of the quirks with our multicamera system is all the cameras must be set at the same output settings, and not all of our cameras have the ability to go to all the same frame rates. 

  • Have another question?

    Have another question that we don't have listed here. Please feel free to contact us and we will answer it ASAP!