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Northwestern Ontario's

Premiere Live Stream Provider

Our services

We pull resources from all across our production

company to create a high quality stream that cannot be matched by any other provider in Northwestern Ontario.


Pre-Event Graphic Creation

Prior to your event we create a custom event graphic, pre-game screens, custom score clocks and graphics to make the day of live streaming go off without a hitch.  The graphics are intergrated in the broadcasts as needed and to enhance your stream. We can also capture video footage and interviews in advance of your event to incorporate into your show.  We can create lower thirds to identify speakers or special guests to help keep your audience captivated and interested.

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Multi angle coverage

If you watch any live event broadcast on television, you see multiple angles of the same action. This keeps your audience captivated and also provides a safety net to ensure we don’t miss the action in the event that an angle gets blocked or the action is moving. Depending on your event we can run manned or fixed cameras or we can set up our robotic camera and add a dynamic look to your production.

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High Quality Audio

An often overlooked part of any live stream is high quality audio. Pulling once again from our production side of the business we are able to cover your event with our own professional microphones.  We have both wired and wireless microphones that we can use capture the event audio and enhance the stream experience. For sports we have wired headset microphones to provide your play by play people with, or we are able to either run a wired or wireless connection to your play by play person’s link. For other events we have the ability to hook into the master PA system and add the house audio to your event. 

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Zoom/Google Hangout Integration

Our equipment interfaces directly with several web conferencing services. This allows you to share your content in a more intimate setting. Using our system we can allow for easy integration of high quality video  and multiple angles allowing your virtual meetings to look their best.


Slideshow/Presentations Integration

Hosting a conference where some of the guests can’t attend? Give us access to the slideshows/presentations    and we can incorporate them into the stream so the audience at home can see what is being shown at the conference. We can show only the slideshow or we can do a picture in picture with the presenter in the screen.

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True Instant Replay

Hosting a sporting event? Our replay system allows for true instant replay to happen moments after the play occurs. We are also recording the additional camera feeds and can cut additional replays within minutes of it happening live. We accumulate these highlights and are able to replay them back-to-back during breaks in play, timeouts or intermissions to help enhance your production.

We provide more than just the live stream


Royalty Free music

We have access to a huge library of royalty music we can play at any time during your broadcast to keep your viewers captivated during slow or dead times in your stream. Royaltee free means it won’t shut down your stream due to copyright infringments, but it sounds authetic and is the same music television broadcasts use around the word. Check out what we use by visiting

Web hosting of your event

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Your event will be streamed directly to Youtube or Facebook and that link can be either hosted on your website or you can link from your webpage to a page within our website.  If you choose the second option your stream will be available at


Sponsor Intergration

A great way to help cover costs of our live stream is to find sponsors for different parts of the broadcast. Let us know if you have any and we can use their logos within the creation of the event graphics and video.

  In addition to this, if we have enough lead up time we may be able to work with your sponsor to create a commercial or video to show during the broadcast.

(This last part is not included in the price please contact for additional cost)

Paywall protection

Hosting an event where you want to monetize the stream? No problem. We have experience working with paywall services that will protect, monetize and simplify access to your content, in a hassle free low cost to profit solution.  You can go pay-per-view, day passes or subscription based, what ever you want. No problem.

We provide more than just the live Stream
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