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Asked Questions

  • Do you travel?

    Yes, please check our packages page to see our travel rates for different communities. Dryden and surrounding area (Vermillion Bay, Wabigoon, Eagle Lake, Wabigoon F.N) are considered local and do not have any associated travel costs. We do travel to the rest of Northwestern Ontario but do have a set rate to cover travel expenses. Also we do enjoy sleeping in our own beds however, certain locations may also include an overnight accommodations rate which due to the availability of rooms and locations fluctuates per weekend this will be a separate charge we can deal with on the side.

  • Do you just drop off the photo booth at the event?

    No, a Blank Production team member will stay with the booth throughout your event. We make sure everything is running smoothly and assist guests in using the booth. You do not need to worry about delivery, set up, operation, or take down.

  • Do you have any props for guests to use while taking pictures?

    Yes! We have a wonderful box of props for your guest to use! It is in included free with all of our packages

  • Does the photo booth print out photos immediately?

    It takes our high quality printer 15-30 seconds to print out two copies of your 2X6 photo strips. It will give your guests enough time to exit the booth and return their props to our table. The next group can already be getting set up in the booth while the first group waits for the photos to print!

  • Is there a limit on the number of photos
    that can be taken during an event?

    No! Generally we can run through 40-50 groups in an hour if the booth is running none stop. But the # of photos we can take is UNLIMITED! 

  • Am I limited to the 2X6 Photo strips or do you have other options?

    No! We can also provide 4X6 sized prints as well. We do have to charge a slight increase if you still would like 2 copies printed because we have to use double the paper. We break it down to a nice easy flat rate so it you won't get any surprises! 

    Check our pricing here

  • What type of photo layouts am I limited to? 

     All of our prints are fully customizable. Check out our packages to to see what we can do for you. Some examples include the traditional 2X6 strips, 4X6 postcard style and 4X6 cube cutouts. 

  • Can my guests request extra copies?

    Yes, we will try our best to honour requests of guests who want multiple copies of their photos. This will depend largely on the demand for the booth at the time because we need to access the booth PC and printer to print extra copies, which means we have to disrupt the flow of the line to quickly print. If we cannot provide a printed copy we can give them access to the web gallery to download and print at their leisure. 

  • What happens to my photos after the event?

    After your event we take your photos and we upload the images to Photobucket.com. Within Photobucket we are able to set the images to private and share a link with you. The images can be viewed (individually or as a slideshow), downloaded, shared on facebook, twitter, instagram,  and printed right from the site (and with a few steps can be placed on a mug or calendar!).  

  • Who owns the rights to the images after the event?

    The photographic rights are clearly explained in our photo booth rental agreement that we will have you sign prior to the event. But in general terms. We will maintain photographic rights but grant you permissions to use the photos in any way you see fit. This allows us on our end to use the photos to help promote our business. We will always use our best discretion when choosing what photo's to show. 

  • What are the dimensions of the photo booth?

    Length = 6ft        Width = 5ft       Height = 7ft

  • Can the photo booth be used at any venue? What if the event is on the third floor of a building?

    Our booth breaks down and can be brought into any venue as long as it has a nearby power source!

  • Is the photo booth easy to use?

    Yes! Our onscreen instructions walk your guests through the entire experience. The booth has a touch screen so your guest do not have to search for a magic button to start the process, all they have to do is touch the screen anywhere.The booth can as be designed to run as soon as the booth sees a new person enter

  • Is a special electrical outlet necessary?

    No, All we need is a regular wall outlet with a ground plug! We can even run the booth off a regular generator or inverter. 

  • How many people can fit in the booth?

    Our booth accommodates 6-8 people but we will not restrict the number of people who try and cram in the booth. In fact we found the more people who cram themselves in there the more fun they have inside! 

  •  Are the pictures in color or in black and white?

    It's your call! Our booth allows us to chose between colour, B/W or sepia prints, so just tell us what you like! We default to colour unless you tell us something different. 

  • Can you accommodate outdoor events?

    Yes, given we can find a nearby power source. Weather will also be taken into account. Poor weather is not only hazardous to our equipement, but it also puts your guests at risk so this all will be taken into account prior to setting up for this event. 

  • How many hours can we have the photo booth at our event?

    When you book our booth you are paying for a total # of hours the booth is open not # of hours at the event. So our booth can be at your event for as long as you like it and we can open and close it as many times as we need to cover the # of hours booked. For example, if you are a bride/groom booking us for 2 hours during your reception, you can open us for an hour during your cocktail hour then close us for the dinner, the speeches and dances and reopen us for another hour during the party. 

  • How soon will you be set up before the scheduled photo booth rental time starts?

    This will all depend on our availability the day of. If the location of the event is secure and the booth can be left alone with the rest of the decorations we would like to set up WELL in advance of the event. However, if need be we can have the booth fully assembled and operational if we arrive 1 hour before the event. 

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, however we have a surcharge attached to using them. We prefer check or EMT if possible. 

  • What happens in the rare event the photo booth breaks down during the event?

    Although this is extremely rare it still is a possibility. Our software runs on PCs and has the slightest chance of crashing or malfunction. Most issues that arise are quick and and easy fix and the booth attendant will take care of them as soon as they arise and for every second the booth is down, we keep it open after the allotted time. 

    However there are extreme circumstances where one of the components of the photo booth may catastrophically fail and in these cases you will be FULLY re-embraced for the cost of the booth, deposit included. This even includes events where you paid for 6 hours and the booth works for 5 Hours and 57 minutes. We are confident  that this should never occur but we want you to be confident if it does.

    (This does not include events out of our control or malfunctions or damage that may be cause by event guests.)

  • Question not listed bellow?

    Have another question that we don't have listed here. Please feel free to contact us and we will answer it ASAP! 

  • Can you refuse service to a guest?

    On the rare occasion that we feel a guest may have had a few too many drinks at your event and may damage our equipment or put themself or other guests in danger inside the booth we will refuse them service.  If the guest gives us issues we will contact the event host and refuse to run the booth until the person is dealt with. 

    We have never had to do this before however, we decided to create this policy after an intoxicated guest decided to use their foot to touch the screen instead of their hands. The entire booth moved, but luckily no damage occured. 

  • What happens if my guests damage you booth?

    We designed the booth to be as rugged as possible to survive events and transports, however, if one of the electronic components is damaged you will be required to cover the costs of repair or replacement of the damaged item. Our booth attendant does their best to manage crowd control but sometimes they are helping guest outside while guests are using the  booth on the inside. This has never happened at any event we have had our booth at, but the policy is in place just in case.