Save yourself big money and big headaches by hiring out local talent!

We here at Blank Productions understand that Northwestern Ontario isn't exactly the easiest place for companies based outside of our region to capture footage. Our geographic location puts us outside of easy travel distance and expenses can climb quickly once equipment and staff have been transported and lodged for the duration of your shoot. ​

Blank Productions can help you in a couple different ways.  

The first of which is, we can work along side your professionals working as an on the ground consultant. We know the area and the local population and will be able to help you capture your shots much quicker and easier. We can establish contacts and locations in advance of your people arriving so that when they show up in beautiful sunset country they are ready to hit record.

Blank Productions can also save you money by providing local shooters who can capture exactly the shots you are looking for, at reasonable rates. All of our staff are trained professionals who have experience capturing high quality professional looking footage with industry standard, HD equipment.

Get the same quality experience and material production companies like CineFlix received when they hired Blank Productions owner Trevor Gauthier to capture shots for an episode of MayDay. (All shots of Dryden Airport were shot by Trevor Gauthier)

Please feel free contact for more details,
rates and availability.

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