Your event, done your way!

Our booth was hand made by our talented team at Blank Productions and We spent countless hours researching, designing and constructing a booth that has fully customizationable features that will only ENHANCE your event! 


We use our own graphic design experience to design screens that meet each clients individual need, we don't just use premade templates so every photo booth rental is unique! That includes both booth screens and the strips themselves. Plus the customization of the strips is nearly unlimited especially if you chose the 4x6 option! 

The outside screen


Your average Photo Booth only has one screen (monitor) on the inside for you guests to interact with. We knew from experience at other photo booths that there is usually a line waiting to get in the booth. That is why we incorperated a second screen to our booth that is designed to not only accent the theme of your event but give the waiting patrons something to entertain them while they wait. This screen can be used to advertise at corportate events, show a slideshow of the pictures and or strips that have been taken during the event. It can partially mirror the inside screen (this is limited by the vertical orientation of the screen) or it can do nothing!


Bellow are some samples of how we have used the screens in the past. 

The strips


We take pride in giving your guests something they will post on Facebook, thier fridge, stash in their wallet or whatever else they want with their images. That is why we custom design the strips for every event. We will contact you in advance of your event and discuss what you would like to see and do our best to meet those needs. Our strips will match the theme of your event so our strips will remind your guests of not only how great the photo booth is but how much fun they had at your event as well! 


You can also chose the total # of pictures on each strip from 1 right up to 16. The only thing to keep in mind is, the more pictures the smaller they will be on the strips and the longer each session takes, which means less people will get to experience the booth during your rental. We typically recomend 3-4 pictures for each event. 


Bellow are some examples of strips we have created in the past as well as some options for strips that we could do for your event as well. 

The inside screen


Our inside screen is a 24" touch screen monitor designed for easy interaction with your guests. The ENTIRE screen is customizable to meet the theme of your event.  The onscreen instructions can be changed from simple instructions like SMILE and SAY CHEESE, to more complex jokes. The idea of these messages is to be funny and make your guests experience more enjoyable. We can include a countdown timer, which alerts your guests to upcoming pictures so they don't get caught of guard, a live view so guests can arrange themselves prior to images being taken and samples of each picture taken so they can laugh about them before the next picture is taken. 


Event Logos, sponsers and messages can all be displayed on this screen for the guests to see. 


Check out bellow to see a sample of the inside screen.

The background


As of right now we have two backgrounds for the inside of our booth, black and white. Our standard is the white background, however, depending on the theme of your event black may suit it better. Unless otherwise instructed we will use our best judgement.


We are in the process of aquiring and constructing more options so if you are interested in a specific colour please feel free to contact us and we may have already added it to our arsenal. 


Bellow are some samples of images taken on both backgrounds. 

The Standard 2x6 Strip
(included in price of any rental)
The 4x6 Upgrade
(upgrade cost $25/hr of rental)
Screen Samples
Sample Instructions/Messages
08 Photo 3 complete copy 2.png
09 last one so get ready! copy 2.png
01 Touch to Start copy.png
01 Touch to Start.png
01 Touch to Start copy 2.png
03 If Your From St. Thomas.png
02 IF Your From Beaver Brae.png
11 Thanks for using our booth! copy.png
02 Get Ready and watch the countdown copy 2.png
03 After 01 copy 2.png
10 Thanks for using our booth! copy 2.png
09 last one so get ready! copy.png
08 Photo 3 complete.png
07 Here we go again copy.png
07 Are you having fun yet?.png
06 Photo 2 complete.png
05 Photo 2 complete.png
05 Get Ready to Smile! copy.png
04 Photo 1 complete.png
04 Get Ready to Smile!.png
03 After 01.png
02 Smile and look at the camera copy.png
02 Get Ready and watch the countdown.png
Side Screen.jpg
Side Screen 2.jpg
Side Screen copy.jpg
Side Screen copy 2.jpg
Screen Samples

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