Quit using generic video products, let's create something your employees and clients can relate to! 

We at Blank Productions want to work with you to create the product you want.  Check out bellow for some examples of how we can help you out. 

Training Videos

Every one has sat through a training video where the trainer has said, "Don't worry about that part we don't use or have that here."

That's because most generic training products are just that, generic. Why not create a training product that relates to your company's  specific needs. 

We work with YOUR training staff and create a video product that meets YOUR training needs. Your trainees will receive training that is relevant and relatable, meaning they will be stay focused and  interested in the training and be able to apply the training on the floor.

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Promotional Videos

Every company has something they want to show off to the world. Blank Productions can help you create a great promotional video  to promote your company off to the world! 

Once the product is done, we help you get it to a platform you desire to help you show it off to who you like.

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The video bellow is a promotional video we did for Domtar promoting their program "Conservation Course":

Corporate Events


Have a big event coming up and want it captured to be remembered or used down the road?

Blank Productions can help by capturing the event and transferring it to a medium you desire.

Big meeting, we got it. Training course to be shipped off and used else where, we can do that too! Big retirement party, we can pretty it up and have it gift ready by the weeks end.

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Anything else

Still not sure if we can help, give us a shout because I bet we can. We can do just about anything to help build or promote your corporation. 

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