Check out our prices bellow. All the package features are explained bellow the pricing. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

We also have a few tricks up our sleeves to help make the booth more affordable for you check out our FAQ or Contact Us Today! 


Understanding the packages:

Hours: The hours you see is the hours you get. If you book us for 7 hours then our booth is open for 7 whole hours. Plus it's up to you how you break up those hours. If you have an all day event and want us to be closed for supper and reopen after. We can do that! 


Full Time Attendant: You are not only paying for our state of the art, super cool photobooth, you are also paying to have one of our fully trained, proffesional booth attendants insure the booth works with out a hitch. For the most part our booths work flawlessly but in the rare case something goes wrong the attendent will remedy the issue quickly and effectively!



Unlimited Booth Sessions:  As many sessions as you can cram into the time you booked. On average we can do 40-50 sessions in an hour. 

Theme Based Prints and Screens/personalized Prints and Screens:  Our booth offers something that no one else in town does, multiple screens. The one on the inside is for booth operation and instructions, the outer screen can be fully customized. It can have anything from a picture of the the bride and groom , a slide show of the strips taken inside the booth, to the events inside the booth being broadcast to who ever is in line! With the 2hr package we base the prints and screens off the theme of your even. For any other package we will ask you how you want your screens and prints to look and make them meet your wishes to the best of your knowlege.


Check out our customization sample page for more details and examples of what options we have! 


2x6 Photo Strips: This is your classic photo strip. Long and narrow. This is our default for all of our booth unless you request otherwise. Each session includes two 2 x 6 strips at no additional charge. You can choose if you would like horizontal or verticle strips. 


4x6 Prints: These strips come with the additional $25/hr charge to cover the extra material required to print them out. Our printer is designed to print out 4X6 Sheets, so when we do the 2X6 strips you get two copies for the price of 1, which is why we need the extra charge because for 2 4x6 per session we need to print out 2 copies. We will wave the $25 charge if you chose to only have 1 print per session.


Additional Copies:  Additional 2x6 copies can be printed for a custumer at their request for $1 for two prints. Some groups of three may wish to have an extra copy or two for all of their friends. If their is an odd number of people, we collect the extra copy for our records or we hand them over to the event hosts for their memories. Additional 4x6 copies are $1 a piece. All additional copies will require to be requested prior to the group entering the booth to keep the flow of the line moving and to avoid having to stop the booth to print images. 


After the event as part of the photo booth rental you can request that all sessions or a select few can be reprinted at .30 per session. This will give you two copies of every photo booth session during the event. 



Optional Open Air Setup vs Tent:  The traditional photo booth is private so you can be as goofy as you want without having to worry about people waiting in line to see what is going on inside the booth. We suggest this system because we find your guests will have much more fun just being goofy and not feeling self concious. However there are some events where perhaps you don't want the booth and that is ok too. Open Air Set Up is just a fancy way of saying. No Booth, just the camera tower and a background. Which ever you want is ok with us! 


Scrapbook with Prints:  We can approach this a couple of ways. If you chose this option we can treat the scrap book like a guest book. Once your guests are done in the booth, they keep one of thier images and the other they glue to and then sign the guest book. They can even leave a message or too for the host, or guests of honour!  This system works nicely if the guests remember to glue thier images. A second option could also be placing the scrapbook out where your guests arrive and have them treat it like a guest book. Then once the event is over we do a complete reprint of the event and we can either glue the images to the scrap book or we can provide them to you and you can do your best to match guest to images. 


Props: We have a whole bucket full of fun, hilarious and very entertaining props your guests will love! We have our scouts scowering the globe..ok, Northwestern Ontario/Winnipeg to find the best props for our booth. And we have some doosies! Check them Out! 


Travel Rates: Gas is getting expensive and these rates are subject to change. We wish our booth fit inside a cornfulled prius but it doesn't. Our travel rates are an estimation of fuel consuption combined with meal allotments for the trips we will be taking. These travel rates do not include overnight accomedations which may be neccesarry in certain locations. We will try our best to avoid adding on overnight accomedations by planning our day so we can travel home.


Birthday Parties/Socials:  Ok so your event isn't that big but you still would love the lasting memories and the souvenir the photo booth has to offer. Contact us today and lets have a chat on how we can help you! We have a few tricks up our sleeves to make everyone happy, us, you and your guests! 



We also are willing to price match any competing operators. Send us their quote and we will try our best to beat it!

We want your event!

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